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In the fourth century B.C., Hippocrates became the founder of medicine. Regarded as the greatest physician of his times (Classical Greece), he said: “let the food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food, as he wanted to point the meaning of choosing the right human diet. Nowadays, food science has focused on this sentence by rethinking many prospects about foods and food relationship with human health.


The Mediterranean diet is referred to the food consumption habits around the Mediterranean basin. This particular kind of diet usually includes, at its traditional form at least, high, and daily consumption of vegetables, legumes, nuts, fruits and other plant foods or plant derivatives, like olive oil.

The observation of long living people in the Mediterranean area, especially in various places in Greece and Southern Italy, intrigues scientific and foodie communities and healthy eaters worldwide in general.

It has led to the association of the Mediterranean diet and olive oil in particular, of a general healthy way of living. Until the maffia 

entered the industry. According to new media coverage (like Netflix), food processers and - marketeers are manipulating our healthy food and our environment in an overly commercial environment.

Nowadays authentic Greek extra virgin olive oils produced from centuries-old olive groves are still considered premium quality.

Over the last decades, Greek olive oil farmers, often family-owned, are forced to follow the traditional distribution trade controlled by Italy and as a consequence forced to sell their quality olives ( or oil) produce to the Italians. Often against prices, below production costs. 

However Greek science have stepped up the game, Hippocrates started centuries ago; Greek agri-scientists and -startups help farmers to apply modern, innovative cultivation methods, creating a circular economy that respect the balance of the environment, ensure sustainability and give back the Health Claim to authentic Greek olive oil. This is due to its high concentration of beneficial polyphenols for the body, a fact that ranks it in the nutritional elite of the extra virgin olive oils of top quality worldwide. Last but not least it provides a better living for Greek farmers and of course consumers worldwide.

In the late 2010's, a tall innovative geek and healthy eating lunatic, weary of olive oil fraud and fake olive oils and hazardous production waste (disposal), decided to open a community for people who were clamoring for the authentic taste of fresh olive oil and organic Greek farmers.


With a first '2019 Early Harvest' batch of superb quality olive oil, he made a historic vow: “We will only sell olive oil online which is organically farmed, cold pressed (without chemicals used) by sustainable operating mills, backed by Greek scientists and adopting EU’s circular economy action plan. We will help local Greek farmers only use the finest and responsibly sourced olives.”

In honor of these foodie heroics, we named this online-only platform 'Eleostasio' (Greek for 'Olive Grove') and began another chapter in the history of superlative, extra-virgin olive oil.

Elietsa, The new Norm



Circular innovation - From our farms, to our oil pressing and unfiltered bottling

In these times of sustainability, food fraud and maffia- controlled food chains have given a bad name to one of the most healthiest superfood. So we decided to set a new take on EVOO for people who were clamoring for the actual healthiness of fresh, tasty olive oil.

Embracing a new method based on 30 years of scientific research by Professor Apostolis Vlyssides, we are working with a growing group of organic farmers, three-phase oil pressers and a biological fertilizer lab and factory. United at one platform.

Online Only

Our mission: respect food as much as we respect life and the planet. 

We have listened and so many people told us that consumers can't trust anymore cheap prices in the supermarket or what's claimed on the label....

While it's so simple to inform customers online!? 

Elietsa Olive oil will not go to the shelves. Online only.

Buy your Elietsa olive oil online or subscribe here at the webshop, so you will never run out. All this directly from the Eleostasio community and soon even from your own source...?!

Cutting out the traditional distribution chain keeps our prices fair, better lives to farmers and a better environment.

Eat Well. Live Well.

Full Transparency

Brewed in Greece. Coming soon......adopt your own olive tree 

You want to know where your heart-healthy olive oil is coming from? Which yard, which tree?

From the Eleostasio platform your Mediterranean olive oil is fully traceable so you know its not fake and all delicious and heart-healthy benefits are preserved.


You can already subscribe to your own olive oil, here,  at the online shop. Join our community and share healthy eating with your friends and family. Together we control what we eat. Eat Well. Live Well.


Soon, you can also adopt your own trees with the Eleostasio community How cool is that!?  Join us at Facebook. We will send  out invitations soon!

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