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Circular innovation - From our farms, to our oil pressing and naturally filtered bottling

In these times of sustainability, food fraud and maffia- controlled food chains have given a bad name to one of the most healthiest superfood. So we decided to set a new take on EVOO for people who were clamoring for the actual healthiness of fresh, tasty olive oil.

Embracing a new method based on 30 years of scientific research by Professor Apostolis Vlyssides, we are working with a growing group of organic farmers, three-phase oil pressers and a biological fertilizer lab and factory. United at one platform.

Experience us
online & offline

Our mission: respect food as much as we respect life and the planet. 

We have listened and so many people told us that consumers can't trust anymore cheap prices in the supermarket or what's claimed on the label. While it's so simple to inform customers online!? 

You can follow our story online. How more consumers and chefs team up with us to make more impact together.

You can even adopt your own, circular farmed, olive tree. Good for your healthy meals and diets and for our planet!

Our taste ? Well we leave it to the international experts. We won 2 EVOO stars at the 2021 Global Olive Oil Awards in Berlin.

Together with a growing numbers of partners we organise more unique events to taste our olive oil and cook with our olive oil.

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Full Transparency

Brewed in Greece. Coming soon......adopt your own olive tree 

You want to know where your heart-healthy olive oil is coming from? Which yard, which tree?

Our  Greek olive oil is fully traceable online, via this website or the socials so you know its not fake and all delicious and heart-healthy benefits are preserved.


Eat Well. Live Well.