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We are the New Olive Oil Makers
We are here to set the new norm of extra virgin olive oil



You as a foodie expect food to be healthy, not adulterated with. Especially with a superfood as olive oil can be.
Unfortunately70% of olive oils are blended or just not extra-virgin. The chain is long, not fair and profit margins are more important than health.  

As a social impact farming platform we target the serious problems of the olive oil sector. Unfair prices for organic farmers, waste problems, environment pollution and fake labels. Enough challenges to make it better.
Consumers worldwide want a better world; You want to know what you eat, right? Together with other Greek organic olive farmers, sustainable pressing mills and agri-science, we are setting a new norm.


Olive oil with a social bite

We have listened and so many foodies told us that they can't trust anymore cheap prices in the supermarket or what's claimed on the label. While it's so simple to inform customers, online!

You can follow and experience our story online. How more consumers and chefs team up with us to make more impact together.

Together with a growing numbers of partners we organise more unique events to taste our olive oil and to cook with our olive oil.

You can even adopt your own olive tree. We update you online on your personal tree, its harvest and natural filtering. 


Simply follow us at the socials and experience our unique  sustainable craft.


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Full Transparency

You want to know where your heart-healthy olive oil is coming from? Which yard, which tree?


We are not just another oliveoil. Our  Greek olive oil is fully traceable online and the socials so you know its not fake and all delicious and heart-healthy benefits are preserved.

You are what you eat! Our olive oil has a bunch of health benefits, and we make it easy for you to

verify its quality. Check the check our olive oil acidity for 100% extra-virgin assurance, and get ready for a mind-blowing amount of phenols and healthy fats per bottle. Why settle for less when you can have it all

Dare to find a better olive oil than ours - we'll give you your money back!




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