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Like everyone, we like compliments or feedback to get better.

Everything you want to know about our extra virgin olive oil, our local sources of organic farming and innovative circular cultivation of our olives, you can visit our community site.


Our mission is to make organic ánd circular olive oil with a social bite. Everyone can help, so don't hesitate to ask us anything or become a free member of our Facebook group.

You will find frequently asked questions below. Check them out.

  • When can I expect delivery of my order?
    We deliver your extra virgin olive oil order within 1-5 working days. (Subscriptions excluded). Durantions depends on your choice of shipping partner. At the informations section under 'Shipping' (NL: 'bezorgoptie') you will find more information on the two options available. We recommend our sustainable partner Homerr when you live in the Netherlands. Due to COVID-19, all shipping companies having difficulties to deliver the volume of parcels from webshops so it may take longer than expected. On behalf of our shipping partner, we apologize for the inconvience in advance. Ofcourse you can follow your package using track & trace so you know when you will have your order delivered.
  • Do you ship to my country?
    We just might! Elietsa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) subscriptions (Early Harvest) are available in The Netherlands and most of Europe. Please send us an email to to be sure we deliver in your EU-country. For Canada, the United States or rest of the world, please send us an email to We work with you in person. This is only for subscriptions. Unfortunately our Elietsa Olive OIl Premium Quality "Early Harvest 2019' is only for our customers in Netherlands, Germany and Belgium due to limited availability. Please drop us a note at that you would be interested to order our Olive oils 'Early Harvest 2020', going on sale in 2021. Our team is working every day to dsitribute our best with as much customers and members over the world.
  • How does your rewards program 'Green Hearts' work ?
    Since launching and the platform, we are so grateful to find an amazingly growing fanbase. Wij are especially grateful for everybody's support at our mission '3x better'. and creating impact, e.g. with our favourite hashtag 'togetherweimpact'. We also had so many personal positive reactions on our subtle taste of our first batch of extra virgin olive oil. We try hard to keep up with your sharing at social media to have everyone interested, experiencing our premium and sustainable crafting of the olive oil or even better using it in delicious meals cooked at our IG Masterchef 'Cooking with Olive Oil' series. Our team, especially the farmers, want to thank you for this support . It's why we have setup the 'Green Hearts' reward program. Green hearts symbolize for us the love for our nature, our planet and of course healthy food. They fit so 'natural' well with our '3x better mission'. 💚💚💚 Participating at this program is so much fun. Since sharing is so important to us and everything we care for, you can earn points at Facebook and Instagram. Ofcourse when you order at you get serious green hearts as well. Life needs to be celebrated so your birthday is a winner for sure! Registering is very simple. You can securely login at your Elietsa account, topright at our homepage, with your Facebook or Google login credentials. Subsequently you click on the olive-green reward symbol, bottomleft on the homepage. Here you can find, your balance, how to save 💚💚 and to redeem them for your personal discount code. If you need more information, contact us at
  • What payment methods you accept ?
    All major credit cards are accepted. For Dutch Shoppers we accept also IDEAL.
  • What's your shipping and return policy?
    Our shipping policy: Obviously, all orders need to be paid first through our webshop using one of our available digital payment method. For orders in the Netherlands we deliver within five (5) working days after receiving your payment. We try to do this faster however we rely on third parties to deliver our products to your home or business. With the third party track and trace you will find the final delivery date in your email you provided to us with your order. For subscribtion orders we refer to the shipping policy info section with our products by subscription. In general our shipping policy is that we deliver the subscription box with our products based on personal agreement by email. Our shipping policy as agreed in email will be binding. For orders in Europe and most of the rest of the world we will charge a flat flee. However international shipping has various delivery durations. Before you order for any other country outside The Netherlands, Germany or Belgium, please send us an email to so we can inform you whether we ship to your country. Our Return policy: At Elietsa, our goal is to provide our customers with impeccable service, the highest quality food, and of course, delicious and healthy extra-virgin olive oil. We want you to be happy with your Elietsa experience, so we strive to make sure our return policies reflect that. Elietsa Olive Oil - Olive oil is perishable and our oils are filtered and bottled with full care, in order to keep its taste and quality, so we're limited to accept returns on olive oil. But don't worry—we're here to help! If there was an error with your order or how you received it other than could be expected, please contact us at within 14 days of your purchase. If you are dissatisfied with your order in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team. It's easy—just email us at Our expert Customer Support team will help you track down how to serve you better.
  • How can I give feedback?
    We are not in just selling, we are on a mission: our goal is to battle food fraud, better living standards for Greek farmers and a better environment. However we cannot get this done without you. Together we can make that difference! Creating quality extra-virgin olive oil with a social bite! Therefore we do need your feedback to make this a great journey. Tell us what we can improve and make a better world for all of us. That is what we mean when we say Eat Well, Live Well. Send your feedback to Thank You.
  • Can I pause or get more of the last subscription extra-virgin olive oil?
    Your subscription box with your annual extra virgin olive oil (evoo) will be send around apri/may since after harvesting and extraction we rest your olive oil to filter the oil naturally before bottling. We will send you an email when we are ready to ship your box with your Elietsa EVOO. Not a good timing? You can pause your subscription. No problem! Your evoo will be good to consume for 18 months after bottling. Just send us an email ( and write 'pause' in the subject field. We will send you a confrimation email. You want to order more? We can imagine :) In many instances you can order more of the last evoo you received by sending us an email ( and write 'order more' in the subject field. We will send you a confrimation email. Our limited Elietsa oil subscriptions, evidently includes often a limited stock so their availability will be on a case-by-case basis. Our Own-grown adoption program ( available soon) is based on the number of trees you adopt to secure a certain amount of your own olive oil. We welcome an 'order-more' email so we can work with you in advance to secure an higher amount of evoo at the next harvest.
  • When the adopt-a-tree program kicks off?
    Pretty soon ! We are preparing with our farmers the trees for this program which will run through the Kickstarter crowdfunding program. You can leave us a short note ( if you want to be a backer of this ' own-yards' program and make and get your own olive oil. The team will make sure you will be notified first when we kick off this program!
  • What's your store policy & privacy statement?
    At and our community Eleostasio, we are serious to provide quality, healthy food. We are serious when it comes to what people eat and the living standards of hard-working farmers. Thats why we share with you everything about where your olive oil comes from. About your personal data you share with us, we are just as serious. Thats why you find below the most important elements about our privacy policy. At checkout we have integrated our full privacy policy (NL), return policy (NL), our general terms (NL) or Terms of Use (EN). Please don't hesitate to contact us when you want to receive the full documents to learn more. Privacy statement and the Eleostasio platform work hard every day to improve healthy eating and living standards of our connected farmers.That's why we tell you exactly where your extra virgin olive oil comes from. Let us be clear and concise as possible about the data you provide to us. Thats why we have a formal privacy policy, we can send upon request. We outline the most important elements, in the below privacy statement: 1. Who are we? We are A webshop in the Netherlands, local organic farmers in Greece and a virtual community where we all meet. We are registered at the Dutch Trade Register (Handelsregister). Our trade ('Kamer van Koophandel') number is. BTW ID: NL003477234B77. Via email you can reach us at For all privacy matters you can call to 0644426819. 2. How we use any personal data? Especially when you want to order one of our products we may have to ask you for your name, address, email, telephone and/or payment data.This data we need to complete, administer and send you your order. If you don't provide us with this data, we can't deliver the order at your home or business. Also to ensure we can execute good customer service, we may need this data. For example, when we need to check on your order or delivery. 3. Elietsa-account We recommend to make an account, simply since it saves you time to reorder our products or want to make changes in your subscription. It has the data available for orders and when you need to change something you can do it here easily and quickly. You can also find here any information about your order or subscription. Last but not least you can interact with us when you like regarding some products. We simply appreciate your feedback! Simply log in to maintain your account. 4. Elietsa and its customers Elietsa customers are often also community members. Only together we can control what you eat and have an impact on our environment and better lives. You can leave us a like for our products (and mission) even though you are not a customer. Just click on the heart at the product pages.With this information we can for instance let you know what your impact is, e.g. how many more farmers have been connected to cultivate organically and produce quality olive oil. Also we use this information to improve and renew our website and assortment and to introduce new campaigns and programs to eat and live well for all. 5. On which basis we administer your personal data ? On the basis of Dutch and EU laws we have to tell you why and how we administer your data. This can be for (1) permission from you to send you a newsletter or special offers, (2) our agreement to execute your order (3) for our tax duties (4) or to ensure a reasonable contact with you to ensure we understand your interests and we can execute well on customer service. One thing is for sure we won't share your data with any third parties. 6. Newsletter When you have requested or gave permission to send you a newsletter by email. we do this to send you information about new products, campagins or projects. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter or email campaigns, simply by sending us an email ( For more on our privacy policy, you can click on our link once you are at checkout.
  • How can I invest in your company?
    We appreciate any interest to invest in our company towards a sustainable and circular world. At this stage our intend is to connect foremost consumers to 'invest' in our mission. By joining for free our community is already an investment from you for better lives. By subscribeing or adopting trees for your own extra-virgin olive oil (even buying our bottles from the webshop) its another investment from you to make us a better and impact company. We got many media enquiries to share our story. Only when you think our story should be shared wider to your audience and contributes to support our mission, you can sent out an inquiry to our pr team at Elietsa is a social impact enterprise. Building an ecosystem from foremost consumers is essential and even more impact can be generated with business partners stepping up. If you want to know more and share your impact and sustainable goals with us, please drop us a note at with 'invest' or 'partnership' in the subject line. Don't forget to follow us at Linkedin. Small step, big impact!
  • Why don't you have a disclaimer at your pages?
    We are only human and mistakes at this website or other communications can occur. Please notify us at if you feel something is not right. However as a business we were advised to have a disclaimer so here it is.... Elietza and/or partners affiliated with this website, webshop or other associated communications cannot be held liable for the consequences of using the information on this site. Although this site has been compiled with the greatest care, no guarantees can be given with regard to the completeness, topicality and correctness of the information presented. As we sell seasonal products, it makes our business prone to circumstances we can't control so you may find for instance prices fluctuate over time. NL: Voor een nederlandse vertaling van deze of andere vaak gestelde vragen kun je ons een email sturen naar
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