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We are here to shake up the olive oil industry with tasty and healthy olive oils for you, your family and our planet 

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Can Take The Heat

Myth 1
“extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is not for cooking”

lets hear Gordon Ramsay himself...
Myth 2
“extra virgin olive oil has a low cooking point ”

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Myth 3
“extra virgin olive oil is losing its nutritiousness when heated ”

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"Fact: you recognize a good oil from the bottle...and the price"



AD Koken en eten



"Taking care of

healthy food and

a healthy planet

never tasted this good"

Panagiotis Kapoyiannis


Olive Oil Mill Nea Figalea

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A new take and a new deal to wake up an apathetic industry and chain.


Crafted by a united platform of Greek organic olive farmers .To make olive oil, a superfood again, which it once was.


A superfood it is because of its health benefits. Backed by so many science studies.


" een goede olijfolie brandt in de keel"

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