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We are Elietsa. We are sustainable Olive Oil Makers.


We set a powerful new golden standard. Elietsa has chosen deliberately to unite Greek organic olive farmers and craft a new take for olive oil.


A new take and a new deal to wake up an apathetic industry and chain. To make olive oil, a superfood again, which it once was.


A superfood it is because of its health benefit. Backed by so many science studies.


" een goede olijfolie brandt in de keel"


We are game-changers.


With a supertasty extra-virgin olive oil we have set a new '3x better' mission:


 (1) A better, healthier extra-virgin olive oil for the world to enjoy.


(2) Introducing simple, science-based waste procedures and cultivation methods for the olives, contributing to a better climate.

(3) Our oils are delivered straight to your home or retail partners. So better margins for the olive farms means we can keep innovating and working even more sustainable.

Its how we aim to make impact and we invite you to join our mission and support our motto 'Eat Well Live Well'!




"You recognize a good oil from the bottle...and the price: Fact"


AD Koken en eten

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"To take care of

healthy food


a healthy planet

never tasted any better"

Panagiotis Kapoyiannis


Olive Oil Mill Nea Figalea


Together We Impact; Your Impact counts!

Its fairly simple; you can make an impact by making

a better choice; 


Raising your voice and change your shopping behavior does make an impact these days.

A collective voice gets heard, even to EU politicians.

Every time when you add Elietsa olive oil to your cooking, meals or diet, you make a choice for organically, even circular grown and traceable olives. Pressed at sustainable mills. No chemicals are used.

It's how you can help to eat healthy, to get a fair price to the farmers and solve the waste problem, creating a healthier planet for all.

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Olive ecological hazard...

Did you know that around 100 million m3 of olive waste is dumped in nature?  Incl. lakes and sea gulfs.


With catastrophic consequences for the environment and a major headache for the EU climate plans. 

The waste products derived from the olives in the pressing mills are mainly water, olive paste and leaves, ending up in seagulfs or other (ground) water circulation, damaging the environment and aquatic life. 

Unfortunately EU is unable to enforce regulation and therefore many farmers in the mediterranean continue with traditional waste dump practices.

Our sustainable, circular olive oil framework

Our solution: we work together with Greek scientists whom innovated an organic fertiliser from the olive mill waste and our olive farms give this back to our olive trees.

We work together with sustainable Olive Mills only. Solar energy, no chemicals and of course waste recycling contribute to a our sustainable olive oil framework 


As new Olive Oil Makers we committed to this new methods of olive agriculture. Our goal: with circulair solutions set the norm for a minimal of ecological footprint. We strive to invite more yards to join in.



Fortunately organizations like the Global Olive Oil Awards organizations do care. They recognized our circulair olive oils with 2 EVOO stars and innovation award. It is a huge encouragement for us to continue the sustainable care of our planet.

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