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Olive ecological problem...

Did you know that around 100 million m3 of olive waste is dumped in nature?  


With catastrophic consequences for the environment and a major headache for the EU climate plans. 

The waste products derived from the olives in the pressing mills are mainly water, olive paste and leaves, ending up in seagulfs or other (ground) water circulations, damaging the environment and aquatic life. 

Unfortunately EU is unable to enforce regulations and therefore many farmers in the mediterranean continue with traditional waste dump practices.



We are game-changers, creating eco-logic in making olive oil


With a supertasty extra-virgin olive oil we have set a new '3x better' mission:


 (1) A better, healthier extra-virgin olive oil for the world to enjoy.


(2) Introducing simple, science-based 'zero-waste' procedures and regenerative cultivation methods for the olives, contributing to a better climate and planet.

(3) Our oils are delivered straight to your home or retail partners. This short chain not only shakes a whole industry. It grants better margins, meaning  better lifes for the olive farmers, meaning we can keep innovating and working more sustainably.

Its how we aim to make impact and we invite you to join our mission and support our motto ....

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Eat Well-Live Well



'PLUS 1'

Every Drop Counts!


Its fairly simple; you can make an impact by making

a better choice; 


Support our mission for sustanaible food; its eco-logic,  for your health, our planet and future generations. This is how you contribute by adopting an olive tree or shop our olive oils


Here is how PLUS 1 works:


From every 1 Liter Elietsa, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil sold, one Euro goes to our connected Olive Farms ( 


It helps new farms to invest in more Trees for the Future;

 The foundation helps to invest in circular farming of

their olive trees 

It helps Chefs and Foodies worldwide to cook sustainable with Elietsa Olive oil. Last but not least it solves the waste problem, creating a healthier planet for all with zero waste stream

Tree of Hope


Our sustainable, circular olive oil framework

In 2021 the Global Olive Oil Awards organization in Berlin was the first expert organization awarding our circulair olive oils with 2 EVOO stars and recognized our new norm with an innovation award.


It is a huge encouragement for us and we will work with more international organizations helping a traditional food industry moving forward!


Elietsa Olive oil eliteoliveoil 2021 inn
elite olive oil awards 2021
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