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Elietsa has chosen deliberately to unite Greek organic olive farmers. Despite their undisputable reputation on quality and tasty olive oil and food in general, they fall victim to the many problems in the olive oil industry.


Few people know that quality olives from Greece end up in the hands of Italian olive oil traders. The normal market price for Greek olive farmers changes daily, and falls below the cost of production at times with dire results. 


We work hard to change this; better pay for hard working people, a better, healthier and more delicious extra-virgin olive oil for the world to enjoy. Last but not least by introducing simple, science-based waste procedures and cultivation methods for the olives, contributing to a better climate. Here we can make impact and ensure a better living standard for best quality olive oil.

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Our mission is for you to eat well and live well. 3x better! Better living standards, better healthy eating and better climate.


On the latter, in Greece, scientists have researched for decades to what makes a better cultivation of olives. Few people are aware of the olive oil industry being an heavily polluting one in the food industry.


The waste products derived from the olives in the pressing mills are mainly water, olive paste and leaves, ending up in seagulfs or other (ground) water circulation damages the environment. 

Unfortunately EU is unable to enforce regulation and therefore many farmers in the mediterranean continue with traditional waste dump practices.

Fortunately organizations like the Global Olive Oil Awards organizations do care. They recognized our circulair olive oils with 2 EVOO stars and innovation award. It is a huge encouragement for us to continue the sustainable care of our planet.

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Unchain the Unfair

Unfortunately the olive oil food chain has grown unequal as well. With thousands of farmers at the one end and millions of consumers at the other end. And at the middle ? Traders who keep prices low.

In this food chain profit margins rule, not our health.

Many supermarkets turn a blind eye towards established health product standards.

Your Impact

Its fairly simple; you can make an impact by making a better choice; Buy online, directly from the source. Share your healthy (food) choices online. Raising your voice and shopping behavior does make an impact these days. A collective voice gets heard, even to EU politicians.

Every time when you add Elietsa olive oil to your cooking, meals or diet, you make a choice for organically grown and traceable olives. Pressed at sustainable mills. No chemicals are used. Elietsa pays a higher price to our connected farmers. When we need more olive oil to provide to healthy food lovers across the world, more organic farmers will connect and help our environment even more by adopting the innovative circular cultivation method of our connected scientist.

Together we set a new norm and control what we eat. By adding our olive oils to your meals you participate. So join online at or

Eat Well, Live Well!


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