Elietsa Extra Virgin Premium Quality is a delicious superfood. A good extra-virgin olive oil (evoo) is a gift for health. Here is why this premium quality olive oil ranks in the nutritional elite of the extra-virgin olive oils worldwide:


  • Due to the organic cultivation, early harvest and cold pressing, Elietsa Olive Oils hold a large set of healthy phenols. Check out the quality lab results at this page. no hidden secrets here!


  • The acidity of this Elietsa Premium Quality olive oil is extremly low. The low acidity articulates that this is a genuine extra-virgin olive oil. 


  • What about the taste ? Check out our reviews at our shopping page; our users rave about the smooth texture, a small bitter and a nice pepperi after-bite.....ask the taste experts, this is a typical signature of a quality olive oil! On top this premium quality is made out of the rich and famous under the olives, the Koroneiki olive.


  • Use  the olive oil for all cooking and in all meals to create a healthy and delightful essence to your food. This olive oil is full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and good fats. Use it for cooking, on potatoes, on your salads, other raw veggies (cook them crispy in the oven!), bread dips, in vegan diets and ofcourse the Mediterranean Diet. We have it stored in a dark bottle to ensure the heart-healthiness and quality will remain. Eat Well, Live Well!


  • Our olive oils arrive straight from the Greek source into your kitchen. Not available in your local supermarket. You can find all information of our authentic sustainable oil-pressing and organic farming at our platform Eleostasio (Greek for the 'Olive Grove'). We are open and share as much as possible online. We have nothing to hide. Enjoy the experience of our craft by following us on social media. For our Dutch visitors go to our Dutch Community Site 'De Olijfgaarden'.


  • This premium quality olive oil is crafted by our recently awarded organic farm from the Dampolia family at the Pelopponese. With this award we enter, as the organisation announced, a new era of olive oil makers, underlining our farm commitment to Elietsa's sustainable and even circular protocols.


  • Don't forget! Now you can even adopt your own tree, to quarantee your annual supply of olive oil. Or share and send a bottle of heathiness from your subscription to a friend or familiy member.




Elietsa Extra Virgin Premium Quality | 3 x 0.75L

SKU: 0010
  • Are we the only one so open on our quality or are others hiding something? One thing is for sure, we don't let marketeers shout to you from a supermarket shelf. We work with science instead, to ensure we craft the best quality olive oil and then we share the lab results on this site.


    Our member estates are online too! You can follow and trace all steps, so you eat fresh and healthy. Eat Well, Live Well.