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This Elietsa extra virgin olive oil "Classique' is only available at selected retailers in the EU.


Retailers selling this evoo ' Classique' support our mission; we pay a better price to our olive farmers. Retailers with whom we collaborate understand a better price for olives and olive oil made sustainably, is fair. In addition their support contributes to a better life for all, including our planet.


They are free to retail this product according to their own margin and pricing.




Eat Well, Live Well

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Classique' 500ml

SKU: 0013
  • Elietsa Extra-Virgin "Classique' is a 100% pure quality olive oil:


    Equal to our 'Premium', this Classique extra-virgin olive oil has an acidity lower than 0.8. Its why we comply with the EU regulations to label this food product as 'exta-virgin', the highest grade for olive oil.


    This olive oil is rich for its phenols due to our new method to produce our olive oil. Follow us at the socials to understand how this method is a solution to this food industry's biggest problem.

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