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This 'Golden Reserve' Olive Oil is new in our collection. It is a high-phenolic extra-virgin olive oil with a health claim.

With this superior olive oil, you give your veggies or favorite olive oil dip a healthy boost to your daily food intake.


An olive oil with health claim ranks this extra-virgin olive oil in the extra-ordinary superiotity league of all olive oils, worldwide. The EU Health Claim Labeling Regulation (432/2012)  may be used only for olive oil which contains at least 5mg of hydroxytyrosol and its phenol derivatives per 20g of olive oil.


More about the 'Royal Family' of olive oils, you can read at this very informative blog from our favorite greek olive oil blogger.


This Elietsa Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is extracted from the early harvest late 2020 from the centuries-old olive trees from our member estates.


We selected these farms due to their commitment to a modernly and organic cultivation of their trees, adopting the cirular economy action plan of the EU and close collaboration with Elietsa's science partner headed by Professor Vlyssides from The Technical University of Athens and his team from agri-startup Bio Agro Oliva, located in the Trace region.


This olive oil, in its typical medical white bottle, has a Health Claim due to its high concentration of beneficial poly-phenols for the body. Among others, a phenol-rich concentration requires an early harvest of the olives. A standard cultivation method for all Elietsa olive oils.


All the above facts ranks also this high-phenolic olive oil in the nutritional elite of the extra-virgin olive oils worldwide.


2021 will be the first year, we will offer this special but limited edition EVOO in our collection. It is not for sale yet however you can subscribe and make reservations now to your Superior special box.


By subscribe you will get your special Elietsa Superior box with two 0,5 liter bottle(s) delivered in spring 2021, straight from the olive groves to your kitchen. Check the shipping section at this page whether we ship to your country.


Elietsa Oils promote a better healthy food lifestyle for our customerrs; at the same time your purchase will also support the living standards of the connected local farmers in Greece.

How you can join our mission? Please read the extra info sections at this page!




Elietsa Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Golden Reserve' - Circular & High Phenolic

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Elietsa Pr. White
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€49.00every year until canceled
  • Two bottles full with fresh superior olive oil from this year's (early) harvest. Intensive green, golden colour. Excellent taste. Extraction: cold-pressed (no chemicals used).


    1 bottle contains 0,5L of Organic extra virgin olive oil with Health Claim.


    We will also include some surprise goodies to enhance your healthy eating with this high-phenolic olive oil!


    Quality Certificate regarding % phenols inside; included


    You do not enter into any long-term commitment: once you receive your harvest and you enjoyed the experience, you may decide to renew and extend the subscription.

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