Always wanted to have your own-grown olive oil? To be in control what you eat ?! The Adopt an Olive Tree program caters for this unique experience. And you can share your own olive oil with your friends and family.


Our first batch of Trees to adopt ran out fast. Now sign up for our second batch1


Why we are running this program ? We share our recently awarded olive yards at the Peloponnese, Greece with this new adoption campaign so more people can join our mission and create impact together. Join us !


When you order this BOX EVOO 'MY YARDS' what will happen:


1. We register your adopted olive tree and send all the information of your adopted olive tree to the email you provided with your order.


2. We will ship to you 3 bottles of (750ml) Elietsa Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium Quality to your address provided. 


3. From March-May we send the boxes with 3 liters of olive oil belonging to your adopted tree. For Benelux and German customers shipping is free! What will be inside this Box:



I. 3L 'My Yards' extra virgin olive oil. 


II. A certificate holding all nutrition and quality information about your extra virgin olive oil.

III. A special membership welcome gift

IV. Some extra (empty) bottles to share your own olive oil with friends and family.


You have more questions before your order? Send us an email to We will respond as quickly as possible.


Find more information about this unique program for the Food industry, our Olive Tree adoption site.





Box EVOO 'My Yards' - Adopt-an-Olive-Tree

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  • The 'My Yards' extra virgin olive oil from the unique Adopt-an-Olive-Tree program is always early harvest, cold pressed olive oil. 


    Your olive oil will be early harvested around November/December each year. After pressing we let the oil filter naturally. All steps ensures we provide you with extra virgin quality olive oil.


    When filtered, we ship your delicious extra virgin olive oil. This will be around March-May.


    As a Adopt-an-Olive-Tree member we notify you on all steps by email.


    ​Attaching a nametag to your tree with your chosen name is optional. We will tell you about this option when you have ordered and send you all the information by email.