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A new take on Olive Oil

Our story has begun. A fresh batch of Elietsa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is here!

And we are proud since the quality of this early harvest EVOO is superb. Not because we say so....all our

Elietsa olive oils are lab-tested by accredited labs in Greece


Check out our Lab certificates and how we are setting a new norm. Read more......

We are very honoured with the announcement of the 2021 innovation award and 2 EVOO stars at the Global Olive Oil Awards in Berlin,


According to the GOOA organization, we enter a "new era of olive oil makers" and also to this recognition, we have nothing to add :)

Elietsa Olive oil eliteoliveoil 2021 inn
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More than just Olive Oil, a whole new norm to Extra-Virgin Olive oil


Join Our Mission

Consumers worldwide want a better world; know what you eat and the food you buy is local, pure and fresh. You as a foodie expect food to be healthy, not adulterated with. Especially with a superfood as olive oil can be. Unfortunately 70% of olive oils are blended and/or just not extra-virgin.

The chain is long, not fair and margins are more important than health. Read more......

Your Impact

As a social impact farming platform we target the serious problems of the olive oil sector, by setting a new norm on crafting olive oils. Unfair prices for organic farmers, waste problems, environment pollution and fake labels in supermarkets, enough challenges to make it better.


Together with other Greek organic olive farmers, sustainable pressing mills, agri-science and consumers worldwide, united on one platform, we are setting a new norm. Firstly because of our unique circular

cultivation of our trees. Secondly, for tasty, healthy and sustainable olive oils, with a social bite; 100% traceable and 100% transparent , online and at social media.

Our superior, high-Phenolic oils provide better lives for all in search for a more sustainable world.

Read more how you can support and partner in our '3x better' mission. 


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