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Healthy Eating

Did you know that you can use any extra virgin olive oil for cooking?

You are not alone with this question? Well, its the most healthiest oil for cooking!

Read also what the Dutch 'USDA' / Food Safety Agency has to say about cooking with olive oil.

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Read here about how cooking with olive oil  doesn't affect its healthy fat composition!


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on cooking with EVOO! 

More delicious recipes on cooking with olive oil: read our blogs or ...


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OLive Oil & Diets

Did you know that around 80% of products promoted in the supermarket are not for a healthy diet? 

Alongside its fat, extra virgin olive oil contains also natural substances such as polyphenols. It makes EVOO the healthiest cooking oil. When the acidity is below 0,8 , pure olive oil can claim its extra virgin.


You find it hard to verify when you are in front of the shelf?  Unlike other olive oils, Elietsa helps by printing on our labels the two main quality indicators (acidity & polyphenols).


At Elietsa, we believe in transparency. That's why we make our lab test results easily accessible online, so you can see for yourself what's in our olive oils.

Check our quality here

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Healthy Planet

Many food products gets more organic. This means no pesticides or artificial fertilizer are used. We go beyond as biologic doesn't cut it for a better planet. 


We farm our olive trees eco-friendly towards zero waste. Therefore we use a new method for olive-farming. Its healthy for your food, our planet and next generations.

The result: bio-circular olive oil.

We're the new olive oil makers!

Circular-farmed olives, sustainably pressed.

Join us in creating a positive impact:

dedicated to high-quality, healthy olive oil and better lives for farmers.

Shop Elietsa EVOO

Cooking with Impact


By choosing Elietsa Olive oil, you're supporting circular farming at our eco-friendly yards and producing the oil sustainable, zero waste!

Dutch Cuisine is a network of restaurant chefs who seek to reinvent the Dutch Kitchen: Sustainable, Healthy and Creative. Respecting the ingredient, the origin and the farmers behind the product. Several members have already switched to our tasty and sustainable Elietsa olive oil. 

Whether you are restaurant or a home-cooking masterchef, with every liter of Elietsa olive oil, we donate 1 euro to the Tree of Hope foundation

 Read more 

Our Olive yards: Eco-friendly & Zero Waste!

Your Kitchen: Pure & Healthy Cooking.


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Dutch Healthy Food Innovation Awards


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Better Ways to Enjoy EVOO !?


Indulgent Recipes

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) a day is enough to take advantage of the health preventive attributes of evoo.


How many times a week you cook with recipes where its advised to add several tablespoons of olive oil ?

Yep,  its that simple to add a golden, healthy choice. Choose the extra virgin olive oils from Elietsa. 




Cooking with Olive Oil

Do you know why extra virgin olive oil is the best oil not only to top your veggies but also to cook and bake with? And even to fry, the Greeks do it so why not you!?


Learn about the facts of olive oil, taste the difference compared to blended knock-offs and most of all how to cook tasty and healthy meals with our workshops and other cooking events.


Power to Nature
Adopt an Olive Tree

When you take care of nature, nature takes care of you!

Olive waste dumped in nature is very hazardous for the biodiversity and our environment.

Of course olive trees remove CO₂. Thanks to our innovation with Greek science, to convert olive waste into bio-compost, we take care of a lower CO₂ footprint and reduce environmental damage. 

Do you want join our mission to grow more trees and circular farmed?

Be a farmer-on-remote, adopt an olive tree and get your own liters of extra virgin olive oil. 

Not just another olive oil...
experience healthy cooking !?

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