Olive oil quality crafting explained

We have noticed many food lovers have been lost on what makes a premium quality olive oil. Marketeers from supermarkets have found creative ways to make labels misleading. 'Extra-virgin' and 'cold-pressed'  have been used to increase profit margin at the expense of health prevention claims.


We strive to give you full transparency on the olive tree cultivation, olive oil pressing and bottling. We do this online, through social media, in collaboration with science (see youtube) and by explaining olive oil quality characteristics in our blogs. Just scroll below to find more on how we craft a superior quality of extra-virgin olive oil, now ranking among the healthiest worldwide!

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Our Oil Lab tested

All Elietsa olive oils are lab-tested.  Its not mandatory and something most brands and supermarkets are not sharing this with their consumers. Why? we can just guess....

The EU provides quality standards for olive oil but hasn't the capacity to control quality and claims. We simply use the transparency, internet provides so you, as a foodie, can check it out yourself here.

Elietsa Early Harvest

An early harvest of the olives is important for the quality. The olives are green/black and are collected by scraping them from the trees. Right after collecting the olives, they need to be pressed to oil in the pressing mills. For a best quality pressing needs to be done at a temperature below 27C and no chemicals to be used.

Extra Virgin is the best quality of olive oil. Acidity is the quality standard based on which an olive oil can tag itself 'extra-virgin'. According to EU standard the acidity needs to be below 0,8. The lower it is the more premium the quality.

From the lab test (see this page) the 3 most important quality treats are summarized here:


        1. Acidity                 < 0,4             


        2. Poly-phenols       > 350 mg/kg 

            (e.g Tyrosol, Oleacien, Oleuropein)


        3. Fatty Acids (unsaturated)   80g   (per 100ml)             

olive oil ready to harvest.JPG
straight from tree to olive oil press.JP

Healthy Food & Phenols

On the internet you can find many (science) articles on why its important for your body health to have large amounts of phenols in olive oil. Phenols are antioxidants which work preventive against many of our modern diseases.


Read more on what your intake of our high-phenolic extra-virgin olive oil means!

In food you have good and bad fats. Fatty Acids are the good, unsaturated fat. Again many articles and our blogs explain why cooking with this type of olive oil is so much better compared to other oils and butter.

Crafting this premium quality olive oil, is a result of farmers and pressing mills stepping up their game in collaboration with Elietsa.com and leading Greek and Scientist scientists.

Here are our top 5 traits producing this first batch of Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO):


    1.    Organic (biological) cultivation

    2.    Early Harvest

    3.    Unfiltered 

    4.    Pressed

    5.    No chemicals used at grove / mills.

As a consumer you can preserve the premium quality by storing the oil in a dark and cool place. On our part, we also ensured the olive oil comes in a dark bottle.